Oconus Communications specializes in providing clients’ with a full life cycle of information technology and Telecommunications solutions in response to their unique requirements regardless of location. We pride ourselves in the ability to be first in and last out providing the full realm of autonomous, reliable, encrypted/secure communications from initial portable systems, to permanent LAN/WAN solutions. The summary of Oconus Communications include, but are not limited to:

  • Telecommunications Operational Management.
  • Establishing Reliable, Secure Worldwide Communications.
  • Industry Experts in Electronic Counter Measures.
  • Extensive experience in Global Network Command and Control.
  • UHF/VHF Support and Capabilities.
  • Tactical Ground Support.
  • Blue Force tracking.
  • Training of Foreign Partners.
  • Communications Security Management.
  • Deploying Wireless, secure emergency platforms.
  • Creating platforms for Self-sustaining power supply.


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Global Risk Management