Oconus has more than 30 years of experience providing security, training, and mission support to the public and private-sector agencies worldwide. We have extensive experience developing, implementing, and operating complex physical security systems to protect high value assets and infrastructures. Oconus brings a unique operational experience and understanding of emerging threats and technologies to address client’s security needs. We maintain the highest standards in the risk management industry and are well known for producing the best possible product among our competitors. Listed below are the types of security Oconus provides:

  • Private security contracting that provides full-service protection to clients, safeguards property and distribution channels, and helps advance peaceful business operations in volatile arenas.
  • Consultation, implementation, and protection of critical infrastructure against chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive threats, as well as rapid prototyping and integration of complex security architectures.

  • Detailed threat, vulnerability, and consequence assessments of client’s infrastructures and provides recommended countermeasures to reduce risk.

  • Provides Third Country National (TCN) training and implementation of security forces worldwide.

  • Cybersecurity expertise to protect sensitive information and vital operations, investigate threats, and partner with federal and private agencies to respond to cyber intrusion incidents.


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