Leveraging Innovation to Protect what is most important

OCONUS Security LLC is a national security consulting company that specializes in facilitating collaboration between Federal stakeholders and the private sector.  The Federal Enterprise, including the Intelligence Community, is routinely confronted with complex and sensitive operational requirements requiring novel and unique solutions.  OCONUS Security LLC analyzes the problem set, researches possible solutions, locates subject matter experts and technological capabilities, and connects our clients with the appropriate product or service.

Services and Capabilities


    • Continuity of Operations                       
    • Personnel Security Investigations
    • Artificial Intelligence                             
    • Industrial Security
    • Security Training  
    • Materials Engineering
    • Encryption                                             
    • Micromation
    • Nano Technologies
    • Human Sustainability   
    • Underground Facilities                                       
    • Adaptive Fabrics
    • Communications
    • Cross-country Operations
    • Geospatial Intelligence

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