Eliminating barriers between industry and government

Advocacy Support for Private Sector Fledgling Technologies

Helping Industry Navigate the Government Marketplace

Our team understands the difficulties companies have in identifying a pathway to Federal agencies who are interested in innovative products and services.  As a Washington DC insider, OCONUS Security LLC can assist companies in framing their capabilities and targeting the right consumers of their product. We know the agencies which have an interest in a specific product or service, how to reach the right people within those agencies and when the best time is to showcase the specific product or service.  OCONUS Security LLC guides our private sector clients through the entire process and serves as an advocate in order to make sure the product or service gets a thorough and exhaustive review by appropriate decision-makers.

OCONUS in Action: Private Sector Case Studies

Linking Academia and Industry to Improve Transportation Security

OCONUS Security LLC leveraged the capabilities of a university research and engineering school to develop a UAV sensor array designed for plume modeling and hazardous gas release detection for use by a major US freight railroad in addressing catastrophic spills.

Predicting and Preventing Suicide through Linguistic Analytics

OCONUS Security LLC was successful in locating and linking a federal agency with a linguistic analytical company and a software developer who could develop and deploy a program that was capable of identifying individuals exhibiting pre-suicidal mannerisms or behavioral abnormalities.

Pairing Innovators with Federal R&D Funding

OCONUS Security assisted a specialized small military equipment manufacturer to identify federal research and development funding, finalize product development, and handle patent submission.

Applying New Tech Against Multiple Threats

Working in support of a U.S.-based bank which sought to create a “safe haven” within their office complex for employees to shelter-in-place during an active shooter event, OCONUS Security LLC identified a contractor specializing in synthetic materials which could be applied to both windows and walls to protect against visual, audio, ballistic, and RF targeting capability.

Supporting Product Development and Application

On behalf of a client who designed, manufactured, and deployed radiation detection equipment and monitoring systems, OCONUS Security LLC assisted in identifying funding streams and alternative applications for their products.

Shepherding Companies through Federal Approval Processes

OCONUS Security advised a major freight railroad and assisted through their process of obtaining FAA approval to operate drones.

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