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With more than 80 years of combined experience in government leadership, our team understands the challenges government agencies face in fulfilling their high commissions with limited resources. OCONUS Security can connect government agencies with the best and brightest minds in academia and private industry, helping public servants find the tools they need to solve their problems, deliver needed services, and achieve mission success. Everyone wins when public and private sectors can collaborate to find applications for breakthrough technologies or to shape the development of future solutions.

OCONUS in Action: Government Case Studies

Mapping the Route to Disaster Recovery

Responding to an American Red Cross post-hurricane requirement to identify alternative railroad and highway transportation routing, OCONUS Security LLC worked with a specialized low-altitude imaging company to provide a three-dimensional orthographic imaging solution which could identify open rail lines and roadways.

Countering Potentially Dangerous or Threatening Situations

A Federal agency contracted with OCONUS Security to develop interactive de-escalation training for employees who are confronted with hostile behavior by individuals or groups who do not understand or agree with the Federal agency’s mission.

Analytical Research Enhancements to National Security

OCONUS Security conducted analytical research for a cleared contractor on a topic necessary to inform national security decision makers.

Comprehensive Preparedness Planning

OCONUS Security responded to a request from a Federal agency to develop and publish a Continuity of Operations Guide which would provide detailed planning guidance and operational implementation instructions to ensure mission and functions continue during a disruption of normal activities in times of emergencies, localized acts of nature, accidents and attack-related emergencies.

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